Romin Mohtasham

Born in 1961 , Urmia ,Iran 

B.A. in Photography (1990) from Fine Arts Faculty ,Tehran University ,Iran. 

Artistic  M.A. from Artists (Evaluation Center of Iran ,2008). 

First Art Degree  from Artists (Evaluation Center of Iran ,2018). 

A member of Iranian Photographers Association. 

Exhibiting Photos in more than eghity Internal and International Exhibitions (Solo and Group) in Iran, Greece, Japan, Cyprus, Singapore, Austria, France, Turkey, Italy, Oman, Iraq, Belgium, England, Canada. 

Major Awards: 

Special Prize Winner of the  fourth ,eighth, tenth ,and eleventh Biannual Photo Festival of Iran. 

Winner of gold medallion of the 56th Photo festival of Asahi Shimbun,Japan,1996 

Winner of Gold medallion of the Nature Category  , the international Photo Festival of Austria , 2002. 

Winner of Gold medallion of the Creative Photography Festival of Singapor , 2005. 

Winner of Golden lens of  International Photo Festival of Knoocke _ heist , Belgium,2011. 

Winner of Silver medallion of 1th international Photo Contest of BUFSAD, Bursa, Turkey, 2013 

Secretary of International photo festival of Addiction/ Iran- Urmia -2012 

A member of 12thiranian  photo Biannual  jouries-2011 

A member of 10thTassvir Sal Iran Biannual  jouries-2012 

A referee of some  Photo competitions  in Iran. 

A university  instructor in Arts & Photography. 

Publishing  “YOUR REALITY IS MERELY AN ILLUSION” Photo book- Publisher Cheshmeh -2015 

Publishing  “EMPTY CHALIK (Urmia Leak)” Photo book- Publisher Nazar -2017