Ruslan Jean Ro Onishenko

Ruslan Jean Ro Onishchenko was born in a Crimean seaside city of Sevastopol, Ukrainian SSR in 1980. 

Graduating from K. D. Ushinsky State Pedagogical University, the aspiring artist began his artistic expression winning an honorary diploma from International Biennale in 2008. 

Residing and creating in his native Sevastopol, the artist has been a regular participant at numerous local collective exhibits, and has featured 5 solo exhibits to date. 

Occasionally, the author's work is imbued with the complex nature of human relations, but his general storyline is often interwoven with marine motifs, as the sea surrounding his city is an integral part of local life.

Appreciating this artist's paintings, one is compelled to forget the hustle
 and bustle of everyday life, and everything interfering with the magical nature of the sea. 

Ruslan Jean Ro's unique work can be a bright accent splash to a wide spectrum of various collections.