Sebastian Kiarie

Born in 1971 in Tanzania, where his extended family had settled to escape colonial British reprisal during the 1950s state of emergency, Kiarie's parents returned to Kenya in 1976 and the self-taught artist grew and spent his youth in Ngecha village, where his parents had to grapple with land disputes and subjected to social ostracism by being labelled ' deserters'. 

It was this politically motivated Kikuyu community of Ngecha that early on provided him with intuitions to question the whole basis of community's value systems in reference to both past and present way of life. Later on in life, after completing his secondary school studies, these societal absurdities and personal convictions collided, and blurred the line between truths and myths, mine and ours, he began to respond by engaging artistically to create what he calls 'visual dialogues'. 


Kiarie has had several one- man shows and participated in many group exhibitions, and his  art is held in both private and public collections both locally and internationally. He resides and works in Ngecha village, Kenya.