Susi McLintock

My Gallery Home in South Africa,

I do find it rather amusing that I am writing my first blog at my age. Perhaps it is as I age I have become more comfortable with who I am and what I offer the world. I am an honest and vulnerable person as many artists are, however I am motivated to share my thoughts on some topics within the art world as I know it.


I grew up in apartheid South Africa with blinkers on, needless to say that embracing our new Rainbow Nation came easily as a concept but is still thwarted with past hurts, injustices and revenge. My view on Africa and it’s people has never leaned towards the political but rather more of a will to tell a visual tale which I did through my series “Children of Africa”. It was a colourful series which I thoroughly enjoyed and did tons of research on. I will in my next (blog) Newsletter)?? give details of what inspired me and what the purpose of that series was.

Currently I am busy on a huge series of “Emotive Birds” and “Bird scapes” which are my way of finding peace, beauty and joy in these shitty times. I so wish I was as free as a bird. It has been a roller coaster past five years and I am excited to share, to inspire, commiserate and connect!

Why did I become an artist?

I don’t think there was a choice for me. Art chose me . I went on to study Fine art, ceramics and dress design…… but ultimately at this stage all I do is paint!

I have become this  kind of artist the way others become monks, as a devotional practice, as an act of love and as a life long search for peace, grace and transcendence. This is the only way I can explain my obsession to paint, draw, carve and just create. It really calls to my heart and brings me to a life with greater awareness which is paramount with two highly evolved children. I am also blessed to work and live in my home gallery and studio in a small coastal town, Knysna. I hope you enjoy the walk around! You will note I am a collector of many items, skulls being prominent but more of that to come. 

I hope you have enjoyed my introduction. I look forward to sharing the motivation behind my “Children of Africa” series long before the hashtag #blacklivesmatter! Then I would love to talk about birds and bees.

See you through the screen, take care and be kind.