Tabitha Wa Thuku

About myself 

I started creativity as a self-taught artist at tender age back in the village. 

At later years I attended art trainings and workshops to equip myself with wide ranges of techniques. 

I have been in art for more than 30years. 

My art has reached the other parts of the world mostly through galleries. I have travelled to some countries as an artist doing residences and exhibiting  

I am among the Vanguard (old artists) who were recently celebrated by Circle Art Gallery. 

I am a full-time artist but I try to balance my life as artist and day to day struggle for survival. 

2002 my art was bought for the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, “it amazed me that a president can ride a bicycle to work and I created that expression”. 

My little painting is also at Kenya State House through Museum.  

The museum also has my art in the permanent collections 

Safaricom HQ enjoys one of my largest painting. 

Price Water House Copper has several of my art while MMC Africa holds the biggest collection of my art.  

My art is also in several homes and offices; indeed,I feel honored. 

In 2004 my art was in Bill Boards in Athens when I presented Kenya at Art Olympics alongside Olympic games   

Thanks to Visual Voice courtesy of Susan Githiku for featuring my art among 500 Kenyan artists. 

I have featured in papers, magazines and local Television.  

"Art is my passion and through it have a Voice"  

My source of inspiration is life in Africa and in a changing world  

Engagement with other artists 
I have taught and encouraged talent among the youths and fellow artists. I do not give up and believe I can always improve my creativity and that of others artists. 


Date of Birth: 31 October 1963 

Gender: Female 

Nationality: Kenyan 

ID Name: TABITHA WAITHIRA MBURU (I don't use this name in the art scene) 



1982-1985…………………LORETO LIMURU GIRLS HIGH  


1990-1992…………………KENYA POLYTECHNIQUE 



2020----------------My art is also auctioned by Circle art Agencies in the year auctions. 

2018----------------Participated at the Vanguard Exhibition for senior artist at Circle art Gallery.  

2018-----------------Solo Exhibition at Banana Hill Gallery  

2017-----------------Art workshop at Villa Rosa Kempinski  

2017-----------------Exhibition at Eagles Point at Elementaita, Nakuru 

2016-----------------Exhibition during the Kenya Art Fair 

2016----------------Donation: AMREF Health Africa 

2016----------------Exhibition at a private residence. Host by Barbara Steenstrup 

2014-15 -----------Exhibition during the Kenya Art Fair 

2014----------------Studio space at Kuona Trust  

2013----------------Exhibition Shifteye  

2010----------------Permanent collection at the National Museum of Kenya 

2005-2008-------- Assistant Art  Educational Coordinator at Ramoma 

2005-2007--------Artist Liaison Kuona Trust  

2004---------------Healing Through Art program at Kenyatta National Hospital - Pediatric Wards  

1999-2002--------Art Teacher Mukuru Schools (empowering children in the slums) 

1992-1996--------Projects Founder & Tutor Korokocho Self-Help Groups (empowering single mothers in the slums) 

1988-1989………Cash Office –The Weekly Review 

1989-1990………H/Science & S/Ethics –Gatitu Sec. School Art Teacher – Watalamu College.    



  • Save a Child art Auctions 
  • AMREF Health Africa 
  • Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) and others. 


2017-----------------Grains Collages for ICIPE/CIAT 

2017----------------- A paintings of Wangari Maathai for MMC 

2010----------------- Main reception painting for MMC 

2006----------------- Main reception painting for Safaricom HQ 

1993----------------- Artistic impressions for Mathare A4 upgrading project. 


Places I Have Exhibited  

  • Watatu gallery  
  • Ramoma 
  • Talisman restaurant 
  • Railway’s museum gallery 
  • Kenya National Museum gallery  
  • Lux tailor’s residence  
  • Diana family residence 
  • One off  
  • Paa ya Paa 
  • French cultural center 
  • Goethe institute 
  • Italian institute  
  • International school of Kenya 
  • Banana hill gallery 
  • Circle Art Gallery 

  • Places Exhibited Abroad  
  • Netherlands- Art residence at Fontys Academy   
  • Germany- group exhibition  
  • Greece- group exhibition  
  • Italy - solo exhibition  
  • Denmark- group exhibition  
  • Scotland- Ndebeles 
  • America- group exhibition  
  • Tanzania- group at Cultural Heritage  
  • Jamaica- Village of Humanity  
  • DRC republic 
  • Hong kong- Residence at Wan Chai  



1987 2nd prize for schools and colleges art and craft competition 

1994 Certificate of Thanks from the village of Art and Humanities. 

1997 2nd Runner –up and certificate from Art of the matter Radio capital FM 98.4 

1999 Certificate of participation in the elaboration and production of a mural on human  

right: during 50th anniversary of universal Declaration of Human Right at Maison  


2000 Certificate of Merit: Best improve teaching of Art skills: St Catherine’s Primary School ( some my art students are presently topping in art) 

2002 Certification of participation at visual Art exhibition by office of vice president Ministry of Home Affairs, Heritage and sports. 

2003 Certificate of community-based consultancy skills: KOINONIA ADVISORY,  


2003 Certificate of participation in an exhibition by ministry of gender, sports, culture and social services.  

2004 Certificate of workshop attendance at mosaics by UK facilitator Jim Anderson,  

and Kuona Trust Ukenya and Juhudi children club. 

Letters of Appreciations 

  1. Letter of gratitude from Jamaica Arts Center for participation international weaving projects. 

  1995 Letter of appreciation and short-listed for poster competition for Domesticbrutality  

  1. Letter of service as creative teacher and instructor for single mother and girls self Help (bega Kwa bega) Korokocho slums Nairobi. 

*1995 Short listed for Common Wealth Countries art and craft competitions 

2001 Letter of appreciation for successful lecture an Art and Design and Drawing at Kirangari High School. 

2003 Card of appreciation from Care International for donating a variable art piece for Their auction. 


2004 Recommendation for exhibition attendance in Athens: Letter from Carol Lees Senior Co-ordinate RAMOMA 

2004 Recommendation for visit as an artist; Letter by the country Director, Goethe Institute. 

2005 From Ramoma a recommendation to Batapata Workshop Zimbabwe to be attended on 3rd April 2005 (I turned backed on the way to the airport due to the political situation in Zimbabwe) 


1995 By British Council during poster competition against domestic violence 

1998 By Common Wealth Art and Craft  

  1. Was listed among Kenyan’s celebrities during Launch of Care international new logo. 

Chosen Invitations 

1996 To graphic techniques by Graciela Soria at Maison Francaise 

2002 Invitation for Festival Mudial: Tilburg of Netherlands. 

2003 Invitation to voice a reflection on Kenyan Art with Catherine Ngugi and French Cultural Centre 

2003 Invitation to a woodcarving workshop conducted by Christopher Mate Kenya artist from Zimbabwe. 

2003 Invitation by Ramoma and Kuona Trust to submit work for Art Exhibition in New York. 

2003 By Ministry of Gender, sports culture and social services – invitation for participation in Logo Design Contest by the AFRO-ARAB CULTURAL INSTITUTE BAMAKO (MALI).  

2004 To East African women Artists workshop by Kuona Trust 

2004 Invitation to the first Art in Movement reflection on changing artistic dialogues at French Cultural Centre. 

2004 Invitation for Artiade: Athena Greece. 

2005 Invited to participate in color exhibition/my voice used for the exhibition music. 


1992 Commissioned to create an artistic impression of Mathare Slums 

2004 Supporting Artist at Mathare Mental Hospital Jim Anderson project 

2004 Supporting artist British council at David Tremlett big mural commission. 

2006 Mural Safaricom head Quarter