Thomas Carpenter

Thomas Carpenter is an American contemporary abstract expressionist living and working in the Memphis, Tennessee area. His work is pensive, but relatable on many visual levels.

His biggest inspirations are drawn directly from real-life emotions. Carpenter is an avid student of psychology, philosophy and the founding artists who paved the way for abstract art to become an integral part of the landscape of modern artistry. We can view homage paid in terms of his use of color and texture in his paintings and works on paper. Not only does Carpenter continue to value and appreciate color application, but he equally persists with a conviction to portray emotions many might consider intense or disturbing. By confronting the deeper recesses of the mind, he creates voices for the diverse emotions that make up the human experience.

Grief, joy, pain, lust, sorrow, melancholy and confusion speak to the viewer through rich textures, bold color, and ever changing passionate brushstrokes. Figurative expressionism has become an ongoing dialogue explaining the chaos of modern life. In his work, we catch glimpses of the moments when we begin to process emotion.

This is when the subconscious mind overtakes our understanding of what is, and the line between archetype and reality is blurred. It is with the intention to recreate these moments that his compositions begin to take shape. He wishes to captivate his viewers and tap into their central nervous system in a profound way, deeper than words. His vibrant imagery bypasses the process of reasoning to directly impact the soul.